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A Novel, by Carl Webster
Tony is a salesman at a luxury car lot on the north side of Indianapolis, and is engaged to be married to Karen, when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend, Laura has moved back to Indianapolis. This sends Tony's contentment for his current relationship out of the window like the wardrobe of a cheating husband. Tony begins to struggle with his unresolved feelings for Laura and his assumed current love for Karen. This internal struggle grows with every undisclosed meeting that is shared between Tony and Laura. 

Karen is a flourishing businesswoman at a prominent marketing firm in Indianapolis. During her attempt to climb the ladder of success, she develops a few secrets of her own, as she starts to form an attraction to Tyson, a suave and articulate coworker that possesses a similar yearn for success as she does. 

For many, it is almost impossible to calculate the absolute value of love in a relationship without computing...The Ex Factor.
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